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Snr Software Engineer / Back-end

Skilled worker visa, ideally wants to stay in the UK due to recent events in Ukraine.

Key Projects:

Typically a fullstack developer, worked a lot of backend tech in his time, Java, Nodejs, Golang.

Has lead teams of 3-20 developers. Often mentors, helps onboarding and leads others

Snap – working on Cameo’s built-in app for creators.. Snap predicted it would take them 3 days to deliver the feature, it took him 30 mins!!! This lead to content quality increasing by 5x!!

Has dealt with huge traffic, fixing critical errors etc.

Decreased the data size from 1PM to 10TB which lead to upload/download speed increasing by 3x.

Google – Worked on an onboarding system o the cloud.. reduced onboarding time from 3 weeks to 5 days!!

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