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Lead iOS Developer / Available now

Enjoys doing a mix between mentoring, managing, being involved with the code, doing tickets as and when… currently doing everything on the coding side..

Key Projects:

Major Airline

6 mobile teams…. he was part of that scale.


there for 3.5/4 years, he was the single engineer, where they only had mobile when he started; by the time he finished he had multiple teams building native components. 10 people in his team by the end of it.. building the apps, the architecture, hiring, mentoring. Created a framework for contractors, so they were managed by it. This is the project he is most proud of!!!!


2 iOS devs when he joined, wasn’t a consumer app, was an SDK. aggressive deadlines.

Major betting App

This was a scale-up for a brand new app..


Growth in revenue/new profit centers. Never needing to slow down projects & the catalyst re expansion into new regions, sectors and arenas.

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