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Chief Technology Officer / Available now

Does your start-up need that catalyst to really get the ball rolling? I’m working with a CTO with a 22 year track record of designing and delivering highly scalable services in both hands on and hands off capacity.

Key Projects:

He’s a fantastic communicator, incredibly articulate and is ready for his next venture.

He’s particularly interested in Tech4Good as he loves knowing his work is creating a difference.

Particularly strong in the pre-seed through to early investment stages and has helped several start-ups achieve excellence!


– Scaled a service to 3.7M users!
– Achieved 250k+ orders in the first 9 months.
– Recruited and helped develop the careers of over 40 global team members in his most recent role!!

If I was looking for a CTO to lead my vision to victory, this would be my man for the job.

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